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ILMC 29 welcomed 1000+ live music industry protagonists, for four days of conferencing, evidence collecting, crime unravelling, blame apportioning...and a modicum of hedonism.

If you want to find out whoddunit, whydunnit, and whendunnit, or if you just need to provide an alibi between 7 and 10 March 2017, all the damning evidence can be found below where you will find a full itinerary of the murder weapons, blood spatters and crime scene evidence that have been meticulously compiled throughout the conference. You will find gasp-inducing analyses of all the main events and scooby doos that took place, including the winners of the Arthur Awards, and some extremely incriminating photographs that the chief inspector of Scotland Yard may be interested in taking a look out.

If you didn't manage to make your way to the Royal Garden Manor for the 29th edition of the ILMC, you can see exactly what crimes and capers you missed out on. And we hope you have an alibi, as you may be wanted for questioning in connection with the live music industry...

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ILMC Production Meeting
The tenth IPM welcomed production professionals from across the globe to discuss live music production
Green Events & Innovations Conference
A review of the ninth edition of the leading conference for sustainability at live events
The ‘Opening Scene’ Launch Party
ILMC 29 officially opened with drinks and nibbles and a giant game of Connect Four


Workshop: VIP and premium ticketing
Delegates heard about the latest ideas in the VIP ticket realm
The Open Forum: The big round up
We looked at 12 months of Brexit, secondary ticketing, and other concerns and major global trends
Testing 1 to 3: The Bureau Export Session
A review of the French Music Export Office's lunchtime showcase
Festival Forum: Franchises & new formats
From new mega-formats to indoor events, from cruise ships to flotillas, the format of the music festival is evolving fast
The YouTubers: Money in millennials
A look at the new phenomenon of YouTube and Vine celebrities on tour
Workshop: Mental health
From addiction to depression and more, the negative effects of life on the road
New Technology: Digital discovery
The latest ideas and trends in geekery powering the industry
Festival Summit: Streaming & artist engagement
From streaming to media relationships, image and video rights, are festival organisers right to expect more from their bill?
Booking Workshop: Contracts
A look at unwieldy contractual clauses followed by methods of improving and expediting the entire process
Festival Summit: Talent & tastemakers
Do festivals build new bands or do new bands build festivals?
The Fan: The social overload?
With so many innovative ways to sell tickets, how do we maintain a balanced relationship with the fan?
The United Talent Happy Hour
What happened when a roomful of agents met free booze
The Deadly Dutch Impact Party
Delegates enjoyed Dutch music and hospitality
The Dead Man’s Hand Poker Showdown
See who won the annual poker tourney
The ‘Foul Play’ Table Football Coupe du Monde
Winners and high scores at the annual table football competition


Workshop: Instagram for live music
A workshop on getting the most from this service, and how best to integrate it into tour and festival campaigns
The Emerging Markets Place: Territorial investigations
A look at a wide range of topics vital to the development and understanding of alternative marketplaces from Eastern Europe to Asia
The Venue’s Venue: Big rooms & big data
A look at broad developments in the arena and stadia market, industry data, and underperforming venues
Venue Summit Workshop: Early stages
Latest news in the fight to protect and sustain the grassroots and small venues circuit
Ticketing: The survival plan
With the secondary market, pre-sales & intuitive selling methods, is there a bigger dilemma for this sector of the business?
Testing 1 to 3: The Swiss Session
Music showcases courtesy of our Swiss friends
Venue Summit: Industry relationships
Where does the modern music venue sit in the wider music ecosystem, and how does that impact the promoters, agents and others?
Workshop: Visas & immigration
The latest information and advice to make navigating any border as painless as possible
Direct Licensing: Rates, rights and wrongs
An indepth look at tariffs, promoter rebates, and current administrative models
Elastic Artists: A cautionary tale
The story of Elastic Artists, the DJ agency that went bust in late 2015, and what's happened since
The Think Tank with Herman Schueremans, Andrew Zweck & Bryan Grant
A Scottish man asked three industry veterans for the benefit of their collective experience as they discuss randomly selected topics
Venue Summit: Safety & security
A look at how the industry has reacted to terrorist attacks at venues
Feld's ‘Sherlock Cones’ Ice Cream Break
Feld gave delegates the gift of afternoon i-scream
Tales From the Front Line
Special guests revealed their best, worst and funniest moments working in the industry
Workshop: Getting to know Snapchat
How​ Snapchat​ can drive personal fan connections, awareness, and attendance
The WME Happy Hour
How happy was WME's Happy Hour?
The ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ Gala Dinner & Arthur Awards
More who-won-it than whoddunit at the Gala Dinner & Arthur Awards
Criminal Records Karaoke
My ears! My ears!


The Breakfast Meeting with Paul McGuinness
The esteemed industry veteran was grilled at the Breakfast Meeting by Ed Bicknell
Family Entertainment: The generation game
A one-stop shop for the best alternative non-musical touring products out there
The Agency Business 2017
Leading international agents discussed this changing sector, and the wider implications for the rest of the business
Nikos Fund Grand Prize Draw
A host of luxurious prizes were up-for-grabs with all proceeds going to charity
The ‘Twist in the Tale’ Closing Drinks
The closing drinks that wrapped up the conference
The Big Friday Night Feast
This was a final chance to go off-piste apres-ILMC

In Review

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Former U2 Manager Paul McGuinness Talks 'Greedy' YouTube, Streaming & Live Business

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Five Talking Points From ILMC 29


ILMC Fokus Part 1
ILMC Fokus Part 2
ILMC Focus - English Translation


ILMC 29: Kick-off Event for a New Era

Takeaways From This Year's ILMC


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 Feedback From Our Delegates

Congratulations... the best part for me is that the normal barriers are broken down a little bit and there's a lot of rewarding social interaction with both our colleagues and competitors on neutral ground - it's quite unique really.

Andrew Zweck - Sensible Events

ILMC 29 was a blast. First: I really liked the move to midweek! Second: very good panels! I missed to many of the “new” ones (Instagram, Snapchat) because of meetings, but I really appreciate the time the guys and girls on the panels take to share their thoughts and experience.

Karaoke was great again. And so was the bar – so many people to meet and talk to! That’s what it all is about, we are working in a people’s business.

Thanks again – looking forward to ILMC 30 next year!

Christian Doll - C2 Concerts

Congrats on an amazing event that most people I work with are attending and raving about! So many amazing topics being covered that we can relate to.

Ronnie Traynor - Vision Artists

The seminars were good and I attended some excellent ones, some of the best for a long time.

Lester Dales - Dales Evans

Very good edition! I really liked that the delegate mix is becoming more diverse each year, not only agents and promoters... so very good networking and business. Also the new date is a good choice.

“The conference agenda with more diverse topics represents our actual business discussions.

Thomas Roscheck - Rockhal

Conference was great. It was my first time and I really enjoyed it. Thanks for all the effort that goes into it and I look forward to 2018!

Brad Stewart - Dynamic Artists

Congratulations on another excellent event. As always, a great opportunity to discuss issues within the panels as well as the networking spaces.

Martin Goebbels - Integro Group

Congratulations on another great edition! I had a good time, mixing business with ehm... drinks, and thought everything was very well organised as always. I also found the move to weekdays excellent.

Kim Bloem - Mojo Concerts


Delegates by Sector

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Delegates by Region

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The Arthur Awards 2017

Royal Albert Hall, UK
Eat to the Beat 
Selina Emeny, Live Nation UK
British Summer Time Hyde Park 
CTS Eventim
Sarah Donovan, Live Nation UK 
Oliver Ward, UTA
John Giddings, Solo 
Stephan Thanscheidt, FKP Scorpio 
Herman Schueremans

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The Foul Play Table Football Coup du Monde

Lukas Hohmeyer, PSE (DE) & Johannes Schuster, Munich Olympic Park (DE)


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The Dead Man's Hand Poker Showdown

Chris Prosser, ILMC/Suspicious Marketing

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