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The Think Tank with Herman Schueremans, Andrew Zweck & Bryan Grant

The Think Tank with Herman Schueremans, Andrew Zweck & Bryan Grant

Host: Gordon Masson, IQ (UK)

Brains: Bryan Grant, Britannia Row (UK) | Herman Schueremans, Live Nation Belgium | Andrew Zweck, Sensible Events (UK)

Taking a slightly different approach to proceedings, Masson used a pack of playing cards to select questions from the audience, with industry veterans Grant, Schueremans and Zweck fielding a diverse range of topics from ‘How did you get into the business?’ to tips on how to beat jet lag.

Attendees were given the opportunity to quiz the brains either with a random question left on their seat or with their own query, with an hour of insight, story-telling and off-th- record anecdotes about some of the world’s biggest acts, ensuing.

Highlights included Zweck’s tale of being fired by Elton John for, ultimately, leaving the thorns on his long-stem roses; Schueremans’ tricky ambition to one day work with Jimi Hendrix; and Grant’s admission that, in his spare time, he loves nothing more than pottering away in his Fulham allotment garden, safe in the knowledge that the billion-pound land that property developers would fight to the death over, will always be protected from such intrusions. 


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