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Green Events & Innovations Conference

Green Events & Innovations Conference

gei 1We were completely inspired and motivated by the speakers and delegates of GEI9 –  the Green Events & Innovations Conference 2017!

Below are a few short insights from the day, with videos and slides coming soon.

Professional Power! Smart Design of Event Energy was presented by Paul Schurink of Zap Concepts (NL), who explained how DGTL festival were able to slash power expenses by 80% and emissions by 98% by adopting a Smart Power Plan. To achieve this was a tough process in the beginning that met with resistance from production, “I have a new target for you—power at 50%. They said ‘it’s impossible’ and I said 'well, you are creative, let’s figure it out'."

Steve Muggeridge of Green Gathering said: “It is our mission to run entirely on solar, and that is what we do. Knowing how much you need, where you need it, the capacity to make it sustainable. The biggest myth is that you will run out of power—if you plan correctly, you won’t." 



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