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Workshop: Visas & immigration

Workshop: Visas & immigration

Room 4 | 14:00 – 15:00 | Thursday

Hosts: Sophie Amable, Artist & Entertainer Visas Global (UK) | Oleg Gaidar, Artist & Entertainer Visas Global (UK) | Brande Lindsey, Global Access (US) | Tina Richard, T&S Immigration (UK)

International touring has always operated at the whim of visa and immigration laws, but the fast-changing political climate threatens to make this problematic area worse. Providing updates across all major touring markets including UK & Europe, USA & Latin America, and Asia & the Far East, four visa and immigration experts pool their collective knowledge for a dedicated ILMC workshop. Including top dos and don’ts, and best-practice guidance, the workshop will provide the latest information and advice to make navigating any border as painless as possible. 

Host's Biog | Sophie Amable
Amable SophieSophie is the director of A&E Visas USA – which provides a fast and reliable, hassle-free US immigration service for live music touring. Sophie is a true music lover. While not musically gifted herself, she applies her passion, educational credentials, and considerable experience (along with a charming, healthy little dose of OCD) to ensure artists, entertainers, managers, agents, and their teams, glide effortlessly through the complexities of US immigration and visa acquisition (which is only going to get harder with the new US Administration). In addition to clients requiring stand-alone US immigration support, Sophie provides all aspects of US immigration & visa acquisition for multi-national/global tours. Clients include many young musicians from the UK and Europe, along with established artists such as Coldplay, Roger Waters, Tom Odell, White Lies and many others. In her spare time, Sophie likes meeting people, travelling and learning about different cultures and customs.

Host's Biog | Oleg Gaidar
Gaidar OlegOleg is the head of Artist & Entertainer Visas Global and has 20 years’ experience managing Immigration for Artists (from worldwide tours, to single-venue gigs). The company was built from scratch (as a division of Scott’s TM) to ensure it fully met the needs of the contemporary live music industry. Oleg and his multi-talented, multi-lingual team have ensured artists and crew have the visas, work permits, etc. to perform almost anywhere in the world. Artists & Entertainer Visas Global have earned a strong reputation for providing an affordable one-stop service for all artists’ immigration needs… from application forms to VIP services, co-ordination with consulates to passport renewal, regular updates to ongoing recordkeeping. Their client list is a virtual who’s who of music… U2, Metallica, Coldplay, Depeche Mode, Rolling Stones, Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Bastille, Kasabian to name but a few. Many of you have likely worked with Oleg and his team, although it may surprise you to learn that he plays piano and used to sing a cappella when he was six years of age!

Host's Biog | Brande Lindsey
LINDSEYBrande is the president of US-based Global Access World-Wide Entertainment Visas, which she founded in 1993, and currently provides four service divisions that assist entertainers with immigration and work-permit needs to the live tour and events industries. Global Access specialises in US and international visas, passports, special-entry clearances, and provides entertainment immigration consulting services. It also provides smart solutions to simplify complex immigration logistics for clientele including Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Linkin Park, Damian Marley, Pearl Jam, and Twenty One Pilots, as well as working with promoters, agencies, organisations and management firms around the world.

Host's Biog | Tina Richard
RICHARDTina is the director of T&S Immigration Services, a company inaugurated in 1991 by herself and husband Steve. Initially the company was set-up to mainly organise visas and passports for UK touring artists. However, in 2001 they switched focus to solely deal with UK immigration issues for non-EU entertainers. In 2001, the company moved from London to South West Scotland and then in 2012 moved again to the Yorkshire Dales. “Our clients are based all over the UK. It doesn’t matter where we are based, as long as we can plug ourselves into a PC,” says Tina. Clients include record companies (Universal, Sony, Warner Music, and Domino etc); booking agencies (United Talent, William Morris, CAA, Coda, K2 and ITB); and promoters (Solo, SJM, Live Nation, Kilimanjaro, AEG, 3A, Global Live, DHP Family and so on). “Our aim is to help keep our clients compliant with current UK immigration rules, and able to bring their overseas talent here without obstacles. In most cases, we are purely advising on what can and can’t be done under the current system. Leaving the European Union is likely to mean our immigration system will change once again. We have interesting times ahead.”