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New Delegates' Orientation

New Delegates' Orientation

 Room 3 | 10:00 - 10:30 | Wednesday

Hosts: Lou Percival, ILMC (UK) | Gordon Masson, IQ Magazine (UK) 

ILMC producer Lou Percival and IQ editor Gordon Masson host a quick introduction to the world of ILMC for new delegates, or anyone who has been attending for so many years that they need a quick refresher. Explaining how to get the most from the conference, Lou and Gordon give an informal welcome, as well as making sure everyone in the room has a chance to get acquainted.

Host's Biog | Lou Percival
PERCIVALLou has produced the ILMC for three years, having worked on the production side of the conference for 8 years in total. She also produces the IFF (International Festival Forum), a sister conference to the ILMC, which is heading into its 3rd year in 2017. As well as these regular roles, she has worked on several music festivals, and other major events. 


Host's Biog | Gordon Masson
A career journalist, Gordon has been a specialist in the music industry for the past 15 years. Now editor of 'IQ Magazine', he was previously the live editor at 'Music Week' and international editor for 'Billboard'. In addition to his various editorial roles, Gordon has undertaken a number of consultancies for record companies and other music industry organisations. Prior to moving to London, he spent two years in Washington DC where he established a publication for the space and satellite industry, while from 1989-97 he was a reporter for 'The Courier' and 'Evening Telegraph' newspapers, among others, in his native Scotland.