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Workshop: VIP and premium ticketing

Workshop: VIP and premium ticketing

Room 4 | 10:00 – 11:00 | Wednesday

Hosts: Sarah Woodhead, VIP Nation (UK) | Jacqui Harris, AEG Live (UK)

Aside from ticket sales and sponsorship, VIP and premium tickets are now an established way for festival promoters to generate additional income from their event. But beyond glamping and regular upgrades, what are the best new options available? Combining case studies from progressive events and delving into the economics behind several new initiatives, this workshop presents the latest ideas that can add to the bottom line of a festival's balance sheet. 

Host's Biog | Sarah Woodhead

Sarah WoodheadSarah Woodhead is the senior vice president, VIP Nation Europe, for Live Nation Entertainment. Sarah was appointed to, then, Clear Channel Entertainment in December 2003 to create a VIP business across its festivals, tours and special events. Now in its thirteenth year, VIP Nation sells over ninety thousand packages annually and operates across twenty-four countries. For more than a decade, VIP Nation has been responsible for creating unique live experiences that connect fans and artists in meaningful ways, enhancing both the live music experience and tour profits.

Host's Biog | Jacqui Harris

Jacqui HarrisAs director of ticketing and hospitality, Jacqui Harris oversees all aspects of AEG Live UK’s inventory management and premium ticketing initiatives. With over a decade of experience her background covers a catalogue of tours, venues, festivals and one-off events. Jacqui’s initiative is to shake up the standard approach to inventory management with dynamic strategies in order to create a more flexible manifest stretching further to demand more for the artist, promoter and consumer.